Tuesday, 7 February 2017

For You

I have never experienced this before
my friends have died
have left this world and gone somewhere else
I have no idea where
either via their own hand
or via a violent force stronger than them
towards the Great Mystery
the eternal unanswered question
the legacy of them is a rich one
their smiles, their words of encouragement to others
are all remembered
their joy whilst they were still alive
will keep shining forever
in the hearts of those who knew them
who loved them
who adored them
whoever ever met them
for they were special beings on this planet
and they inspire my little self
to live my life just a little bit better
with just a little bit more joy
with just a little bit more laughter
and appreciation
towards the things and people which are here and now
for I know they have passed knowingly
having given everything they had got
all the love they ever received they passed onto others
to whoever who was wise enough to receive
the priceless gift of 'them'
The people in our lives we either remember or forget
I still remember someone
from years ago
who passed me on the street
and turned their head back to look at me
at the same time as I turned mine
and looked back at them
I hope to have made a similar impact
for this moment I will never forget
Regret is the worst form of remaining alive
For the life we should be living
is just passing by

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