Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rememberance I


Alttari on rakennettu. Rukoukset Temascaliin valmistettu. Ihailen kumpuilevaa vuoristoa, sen syvää sykkivää vihreyttä. Mikä pyhyys siellä asuukaan. Oloni on keveä, luottavainen. Observe & hear everything but don't get pulled into it. Katson, miten ihmiset täällä auttavat ja välittävät toisistaan. Se on kaunista ja arvokasta. Kuuntelin, ymmärsin hetken kun sitä tarvittiin. Mikään ei todella ole iästä kiinni. Avin talo on kaunis, savesta itse rakennettu mäen kupeeseen. Alan vihdoin oppia arvostamaan lepoa ja rentoutumista, antaa keholleni sen mitä se tarvitsee ja ansaitsee enkä polta sitä loppuun. Tuntuu hyvältä olla täällä näiden ihmisten kanssa. Minulle lainattiin lämpimät sukat ja olen siitä syvästi kiitollinen. Yöt ovat todella kylmiä.

Miksikö olen täällä? I want to finally let go of the illusion that I am alone in this world, somehow different and separate from the people and my surroundings. I pray to deeply feel my Oneness with All, to truly experience it and to remember what I already know but have forgotten amidst the chaos and confusion of the modern world. As the child of the Mother Earth I wish to truly reconnect with her. I pray that all the blockages would go from my system, that Life would freely flow and manifest itself throough me. I pray that this new flow woul open and awaken the real creativity within me. I know now that Art is what I really wish to have in my life, always. By losing the ability the create, even temporarily, left me feeling so hollow inside.

All the water touches changes...

Eternal present...

Family of Fire...

Commitment on beauty...

Don't believe in death - life beyond life.

Lose respect - fear begins...


Such healing, such release. Forgiving and praying for my family, creating space for love instead of anger and bitterness. I found the sacred source of strength within, which goes beyong pain and fear, the clear intention, focused prayer to the elements... The Moon helping me so beautifully with her graceful light, Grandfather Fir answering to my prayers and giving strength. I sat up straight, focused, trusting the wisdom of my body which is so much greater than that of my mind. The rainbow wings of a hummingbird, flying with joy and love. All my ancestors standing behind me, I honor and give thanks to them for bringing me to this world. I laugh and cry at the same time, out of love, sorrow, this kathartic ecstasy of finally giving up on things that no longer serve, or have never served me to begin with. I could sing like never before, with a voice so pure and strong it felt like coming outside myself but through. Let go of your fear, friends. Hard times might be coming, but we are a family, we are all related - we are together.

"Beauty is the manifestation of secret natural laws."


Olen nukkunut ensimmäisen yön ilman kipuja moneen vuoteen. Kehoni on eheä ja kevyt, mieleni kirkas ja avoin...

Take some care, always give your best. Share your talents with the world, it is the most beautiful thing. To walk on the Path together is super beautiful. "This is for learning more songs."


I don't ever want to lose this fascination for adventure that I have.

I remember these words... Bring your best, share the best that you have. Trust yourself. Have some compassion, for yourself and your family. Love you. Show some respect. Details are important. Meat of an animal is too a medicine. Don't be afraid... I am so grateful it hurts.

It happened, it truly happened... Thank you.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Eco vs. Ego

"When the ego and the eco are balanced, the creature lives in harmony with the planet. In this theory, such a balance is considered to be the true meaning of spirituality, because the individual is a conscious part of, attuned to, and in harmony with a greater level of actual Being. When too much emphasis is placed on the self, the ego, an imbalance occurs and problems result, especially when that imbalance is collectively demonstrated by entire cultures. To suggest that these problems are only environmental, and therefore not of great concern, is incorrect. Environmental problems (damage to the eco) ultimately affect all living things, as all living things derive their existence, livelihood, and well-being from the planet. We cannot damage a thread in the web of life without the risk of fraying the entire tapestry.

When the ego gets blown out of proportion, we get thrown off balance in a variety of ways. Our educational institutions teach us to idolize the intellect, often at the expense of our moral, ethical, and spiritual development. Our economic institutions urge us to be consumers, and those who have gained the most material wealth are glorified. Our religious institutions often amount to little more than systems of human-worship, where divinity is only personified in human form, and only human creations (e.g., books and buildings) are considered sacred.

By emphasizing the intellect at the expense of intuition, creativity, and conscience, our educational systems yield spiritually imbalanced individuals. No discussion of a subject should be considered complete without an examination of its moral, philosophical, and ethical considerations, as well as a review of the intellectual and scientific data. When we ignore the ethics behind a particular issue, and instead focus on intellectual achievements, it's great for our egos. We can pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves how smart we are. It deflates our egos, on the other hand, to realize that we are actually insignificant creatures on a speck of dust in a corner of the universe, and that we are only one of the millions of life forms on this speck, all of whom must live together."

-Humanure, ch. 4