Friday, 3 February 2017

Depression a Black Dog a sunset in the morning a hollow tree trunk a glass full of empty a blank sheet of paper an infected wound a daytime nightmare a toothache of the soul a non-existent future
...haunting past
...and forgotten yesterday.

It is the wrong chord
an instrument out of tune
and all the mistakes you have ever made
It is mutilation of the mind
and lost traces of thoughts
It is a never ending game
of hide and seek
Always finding you and never being found in itself

It is watching the fragments of yourself
shatter shatter shatter away
It is being watched 
by the unidentifiable creature
Always disappearing when you turn your head
It is the unnamed one lurking in the dark
It is dread of nothing

Depression an unknown distance to nowhere always telling a lie based on another lie a melted snowman in midwinter
...and the spring which never came
and never will.

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